Noodle Partners Works With Yeshiva University To Offer Online Degrees

Noodles Partners, the fastest growing US software developer (OPM), will participate with the Katz School of Science and Health at Yeshiva University and the Benjamin N.Cardozo School to launch three online masters in the fall of 2019: data analytics, visualization, digital marketing and media, In studies in law.

“It is a great honor to work closely with the University of Yeshiva, one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the country to help them expand and consolidate online training courses,” said John Katzman, founder and CEO of Noodle Partners.

The primary focus of the partnership is the Partners and the YU Partnership in the CRS model, an exclusive offer from Noodle Partners, the first in online program management, dominated by long-term income and high percentage shrinkage. Instead of earning a percentage of the profit, the Noodles program will fund the program and then charge a small administrative fee once its initial investment is recovered through the profit share.

“We are excited to work with pasta partners because they have experience and experience
to help us deliver first-class programs while staying true to our identity and core
academic values,” said Dr. Selma Putman, Chair of the Board and Vice President of
Academic Affairs at the University of Yeshiva.

About Noodle Partners

Founded by a team of veterans in education and technology, Noodle Partners has created innovative online programs and mixed programs with the improvement of traditional classroom models. Pasta partners have the ability to work with universities in both the construction of the certification program or the degree of their choice of marketing, student recruitment, enrollment, curriculum design, student participation, support services, graduate placement side, and graduate participation provides the highest level of relevance and final touches.

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Yeshiva University was founded in 1886, and combines ancient traditions of law, Jewish life and the heritage of Western civilization. More than 7400 undergraduate and graduate students study at four New York City Campus YU’s: campus wraps, Israel Henry Perrin Campus, Brookdale Center, Jack and the Resnick Pearl Campus. YU University’s three university schools – Yeshiva College, Stern Women’s College and Sy Syms Business School – offer a unique bilingual program consisting of Jewish studies and liberal arts courses.

Its graduate schools include Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Benjamin N. College, Cardozo Law School, the Werzweiler School of Social Work, the Verkoff Graduate School of Psychology, the Azereli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Management, the Bernard Revel School of Jewish Studies, the Katz School of Science and Health, and the Rabbi Isaac Elkanan Theological. YU is ranked among the leading academic institutions in the country.

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