3 Silent symptoms of colon cancer to never Ignore

Cancer, including colon cancer, consumes a lot of energy inside the body.
This means that the immune system and cancer cells burn fuel quickly as the first tries to fight cancer and the latter tries to grow more.

In addition, some cancer cells release some chemicals that change the way food is processed in the body.

Large colorectal cancers can prevent the colon and change your bowel habits. This is another reason for weight loss. The fact that many tumors cause anorexia and increase metabolism is a more stressful cause if you lose too much weight at one time.
abdominal pain or swelling

Many people experience some degree of cramping in the abdomen from time to time. For the most part, this type of pain does not usually refer to something serious. But if that happens along with other symptoms, or was particularly bad when going to the bathroom, it might be worth checking out.

In addition, abdominal cramping is severe and painful, weakening daily function, and worth a trip to the doctor. The convulsions should not last too long, and if your problems continue for more than a week, you may need to check the problem.

Swelling is also a common symptom of colon cancer, but is easily overlooked due to its spread. Again, normally, blowing does not mean they have finished the game. But long-term bloating is not healthy and must be checked.

You may also find that this swelling or convulsions is accompanied by more gas. This may continue for several weeks. You may laugh at the high levels of swelling, but this does not happen for no reason – the colon tumor may be supportive of the bowel.

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2. Anemia

Anemia refers to a condition where the blood does not contain sufficient hemoglobin. For many people, it is a condition that is often overlooked, especially in the case of menstruation.

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