3 Silent symptoms of colon cancer to never Ignore

But anemia indicates that bleeding occurs somewhere in the body. If this is not visible from the outside, a type of internal bleeding is likely to occur inside the body. Colon cancer usually involves hemorrhage in the tumors, which can lead to iron deficiency and anemia.

You might think, if you have anemia due to colon cancer, you will certainly notice some problems related to stool. But anemia can begin to appear for up to six months before you notice problems in the bathroom.

You may not test anemia when you have colon cancer, but you can still show signs of anemia, including:
• Paleness
• Exhaustion
• Rotor or rotor

All of these signs can also indicate colon cancer. With cancer, tumors tend to grow faster – faster than your blood. This leads to ulcers within the body absorb blood, leaving you anemia.

3. Change in stool

One of the easiest ways to notice signs of colon cancer is in waste materials. After all, the colon plays a big role in the formation and transfer of feces across the body so it can be expelled. Here are some issues to look for.
A) Thin stool
Dr Patricia Raymond says that the stool, which seems too narrow, is a silent symptom of colon cancer that can never be ignored.

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