How your breast changes during Pregnancy


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This is a change we all are expecting. The blood flow to the breasts is increased during pregnancy in order to prepare the milk ducts as well as mammary glands. They grow in size as they start increasing in size as soon you are tested positive for pregnancy. Gynaecologists say that a mother’s breasts can increase up to three times when she is pregnant and four times when she is breastfeeding.


One of the downsides to having new big bouncing boobs is that your breasts will become tender. Everything is swollen and achy. Sore breasts can be one of the very first signs of pregnancy.


All that extra fluid and blood flow will expand your milk ducts and mammary glands, and this will make them super heavy. Because of the increased size and fluid retention in the body that occurs during pregnancy, experts say that a woman can gain up to a kilogram only in her breasts.

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