How your breast changes during Pregnancy


Due to hormones (estrogen) that affect skin pigmentation, you’ll notice your nipples may get darker. The Montgomery glands (small bumps on the areola) will enlarge and produce an oily substance.


For many women, their nipples become very sensitive during the first trimester of pregnancy. In fact, tenderness of breasts is among the initial signs of pregnancy.


Blood volume typically increases by 50 percent throughout pregnancy. As a result, prominent blue veins usually appear on several areas of the skin, including the breasts and stomach.

These veins are necessary to carry the increasing volumes of blood and nutrients around the body to the developing fetus.


As your breasts increase in size substantially, your skin stretches and may develop stretch marks. The marks can be accompanied by your breast skin becoming dry and itchy. This can usually be soothed by applying a moisturizer.


During the second or the third trimester, the breasts can leak a creamish goo, which is actually the colostrum.

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